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Current Units of Study:

Identify shapes and their attributes (quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, parallelograms, cubes)
Use addition to solve an array up to 5 columns and rows
Add up to four two-digit numbers - using different strategies
Two and three-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping
Identify connections between addition and subtraction

Compare and contrast versions of the same story and books written by the same author
Ask and answer questions about a text and about what a speaker says
Tell a story or recount an experience
Recognize and read irregularly spelled words
Grammar (adjectives, adverbs, irregular verbs)

Write a personal narrative with detail about a personal experience
Use compound vs simple sentences to add detail
Use synonyms with appropriate shades of meaning

Air and Weather
Observe weather and discuss how air moves things, clouds, precipitation
Use appropriate instruments to measure temperature,wind speed and precipitation

Social Studies
Cardinal directions on a map
Characteristics of maps and how we can use them/map keys
Landforms and Natural Resources
Important Black Americans and how they contributed to/changed our history
Changes Over Time (how life has changed over time; transportation, clothing, activities, etc)

Working Together for the Success of All
Working Together for the Success of All